’Kim Kardashian moves not to Chicago

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye has already had several villas on the eye and see it all the way to his children to bring up in The Windy City. The houses that he and Kim in Los Angeles own he would like to keep, but a final move is not yet in.

“Kim wants the kids in LA to raise. She thinks it’s fine to time in Chicago, but not on a permanent basis. Their oldest child, North is at school and has the there to its meaning. Kim does not think that the kids better be moving, where they are far away from their nephews and nieces,” says an insider at People.

“In addition, changes Kanye so quickly from the opinion that Kim with a grain of salt. Today he wants to move to Chicago, and tomorrow he wants to never be away from LA. So they leave it for what it is.”

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