Kim Jong-un sends a load of mushrooms to South Korea

1c45ee040327d765390019121c297448 - Kim Jong-un sends a load of mushrooms to South Korea

SEOUL – North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has a large shipment of edible mushrooms to South Korea sent. It is a gift for the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, message, news agency Yonhap.

These are the mushrooms which Kim Jong-un hopes South Koreans will feed.

The remarkable gift is now arrived at an air base in Seoul, said the spokesman of Moon. It was going to be about two tonnes of mushrooms.

The president has commissioned the expensive delicacies to share. They go to the South Koreans, who live separately from kin in neighboring North Korea and the outside of the boat fell in a reunion. “I hope that the smell of the mushrooms, which still smell like North Korea, some comfort can offer,” Moon said.

Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un after their joint meeting.

The South Korean leader traveled this week to North Korea for a two-day summit. He visited Thursday, the mountain Paektu with Kim. That gold as the symbolic end of the top.

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