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Iconic rock band Kiss announces farewell

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After 45 years, the American rock band Kiss stop performing. Though there is still a last world tour, so the band has Wednesday announced.

“It is together with you an unforgettable experience. But we can’t leave without one last time to say goodbye to, ” announces Kiss are goodbye online. “Our farewell show will be the most explosions and most of the hits contain, and will be the loudest ever.”

Also thank you Kiss on his extensive website the fans. ‘Everything for the past four decades have built up, would never have succeeded without the millions of people all over the world, who in those years the clubs, arenas and stadiums filled, ” writes the band. “This is the ultimate celebration for those of us who have seen action and a last chance for those who have never experienced it.”

Wednesday joined the Kiss still on in the finals of America’s Got Talent. The band says that the farewell be aware, after the show is published. ‘With a thrilling performance we have shown why we are one of the most iconic live acts are’, says the band.

Kiss was founded in January 1973 by bassist Gene Simmons and guitarist Paul Stanley. They wanted to KISS the band to create ‘that they have always wanted to see, but never were able to see’

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