Ian Thomas in tears in Gert Late Night

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Eight years is meanwhile ago that Ian Thomas broke through in Flanders with ‘Baby’, a cover of a song from Justin Bieber. The singer was then barely 13 years old and there was a whole new world at his feet. Although, Ian had already made the acquaintance with the world of showbiz because his both parents are active in the industry. But Ian Thomas saw not only with the fun stuff, he also got a lot of shit about him.

It was not long before Ian Thomas was at school the victim of bullying, amongst other school. Ian attended classes at the art academy and had pretty good points, but because he bullied was, also disappeared the sentence to study. One of the lows in school was the day on which the last year of their one hundred days celebrated. They found it necessary to Ian Thomas to a pole fixed to find and with eggs to throw. That told Ian six years ago Yeah and he repeated Wednesday night in the Bedgeheimen during Gert Late Night where Ian this week is a guest. Ian enjoyed all the attention he got but the flip side of the coin was less fun. “I had just changed schools, two months or so. I am really as tied up with tape, there were eggs on me thrown, deo in my face painted, people spit on me”.

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