Hotel Vocal ready for season 14

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The new season of “Hotel Vocal” is there one for thumbs and fingers-licking good. There are up to 9 different programs with the crème de la crème of the Flemish showbiz as Sandrine, Jelle Cleymans, Jan De Smet, Jacky Lafon, Myriam Bronzwaar, Ann Van den Broeck and many others… Daisy Thys and Sam Verhoeven stay faithful to post everything in the right direction and Pol Vanfleteren may his musical tricks for the fourteenth season in a row.

HOTEL VOCAL 1 – Jazz & co
23, 30 september and 7 October 2018 to 12: 00 with Cassie & Daisy Thys
After the success of her first appearance 2 seasons back and a stupendous Special last season, it could not be otherwise than that she would come back. Sandrine is not the only genre to be dirty, all they would have problems, no bridge is to far…. So we crawl this time in the skin of the divas from the jazz, blues, swing, soul and latin. Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Etta James, Diana Krall…de the list is endless.

HOTEL VOCAL 2 – Shaffy & List
21, 28 October and 4 november 2018 to 12: 00 Ann Van den Broeck & Sam Verhoeven
Liesbeth List and Ramses Shaffy, are inextricably connected with each other, besides the fact that they are intimate friends were, they sang together, countless songs, including the classic ‘The Pastoral’. In 2009, it is already ten years ago that Shaffy died and Liesbeth List expires in 2017 with action.
No less than Ann Van den Broeck is, after 2 years of absence, back to guest at “Hotel Vocal, along with Sam Verhoeven, a wonderful musical tribute to Shaffy & List.

HOTEL VOCAL 3 – Hotel Vocal and the mobility
18, 25 november and 2 december 2018 to 12: 00 with Michael Zanders, By Van Boekel & Daisy Thys
All roads lead to Hotel Vocal!
Whether you’re on foot, all joggend, by bike, tram or bus. You take the car, train or perhaps airplane….the last stop is on Sunday anyway, Hotel Vocal.
And how is it with our mobility, roadworks and the traffic problems…?
In this edition, you come all about to know .

HOTEL VOCAL 4 – Something Christmas
23, 30 december 2018, 6 January 2019 to 12: 00 with Daisy Thys & Sam Verhoeven
The christmas tree is decorated, the cards written and sent, presents bought, family invited, the turkey ordered…. And then there is all the time in the world to you musically to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of christmas.
Driving home for Christmas, Santa Claus is coming to town, Bakske filled with straw, Le petit papa Noël… At this time of the year may, no, should they even, be reviewed.

20, 27 January and 3 February 2019 with Jan De Smet & Sam Verhoeven
Heinz Hermann Polzer, or better known as Drs. P was a poet, writer, literary man, composer, pianist and singer. Who does not know “The dodenrit”, “Turnip and praise, salsify and leeks” or “Ferry”. In 2019 is the 100th birthday of Drs. P celebrated in the Netherlands and Belgium and of course “Hotel Vocal” not to be left behind!
None other than Jan De Smet (of o.a. ‘The New String’) makes first appearance at “Hotel Vocal”, a melodic ode to the great Drs. P.

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