Gert Verhulst: this makes me sad

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James Cooke and Gert Verhulst his Thursday morning together in bed, dived for a special version of Bedgeheimen, the section of James Cooke in Gert Late Night. Thursday morning there was the live broadcast of the MNM ochtendshow with Peter Van de Veire and Julie Van den Steen and Peter got Gert and James as far as to an additional bedgeheimen to do. James kent Jones, of course, by and by, and so it was for James not self-evident to ask questions. Gert is happy that he together with James Cooke on season 4 of Gert Late Night working. “I still find it fun. We have a lot of special people to meet and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. A lot of people that we otherwise would not have encountered, and we are not so intense had come to know. And because I very like with you to work”, says Gert in bedgeheimen.
“The people should not be underestimated, we are 24 hours on 24 hours together, and very occasionally small friction, although that is ridiculously low. I think that’s very special. “

Not everyone is as fond of Gert Verhulst, Julie Van den Steen has fear of the boss of Studio 100, and dares him barely in his eyes. That is Gert by the way not so strange, because there are more people who have a strange feeling at Gert. “In the case of Julie is that extreme, I must say. That is funny on the one side, the other side makes me sad. I don’t know why people are afraid. Sometimes this is easy, because the people have more distance. If we two are walking on the street, then dare people to you to ask anything and to me nothing and at this point, that might be easy. But I thought I always I don’t know how sympathetic it was.”

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