Famke Louise: I am a role model

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Famke Louise

“You only have one time something crazy to do to viral. As I have here in my bare ass on the street would run and that in my video clip would pleuren, everyone wants to see that. Then you go all viral. It is not what you want, but you would be able to do,” says the 19-year-old “influencer” in Metro.

However, the Youtube star is aware of who is there for her vlogs, and clips look. “I consider myself a role model, especially for small children. On my Instagram I’m not aware of alcohol. Sometimes watching girls of three and then I think: Oh, my god, what is on my story!”

So says the On me Monnie singer anyway also not to twerken: “Really nothing for me that the whole world into my ass. You should show who you are and that you should expose, but I’m not sexist ways of moving. Then I rent or models in which to do that.”

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