Editor in chief Kro-Ncrv leaves

c7e5f63a4d04852d32671db7a092e216 - Editor in chief Kro-Ncrv leaves

Laroes made the news itself known on Twitter: “Personal/professional news: Kro-Ncrv wants in any term, the new editor-in-chief. My interim period is on jan 1 is over. Proud of the creators here!’

He was in 2016, was appointed interim editor-in-chief for the department of journalism. Home cooked apple pie grew then out to be a great success, and later it was also the daily talk show, M with Margriet van der Linden made by the broadcaster.

But current affairs programmes, as the deleted Focal point+ and The Monitor, accept less under Laroes. There are 24 of the forty-journalistic job cuts.

Something he barely had, he told Villamedia. “The NPO decides that a program will stop, and we, the broadcasters, have to do with the employment law consequences. That is, in one or other way not good. The system in this way is unsatisfactory.”

Laroes from January 1, 2019 followed. By whom, is not yet known. Previously he was for nine years editor-in-chief of the NOS News.

The Kro-Ncrv is responding to the departure: “Hans Laroes was free-lance with us as head of journalism. As of 31 december comes to an end that command. Of course, we will look for a successor.”

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