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Dash Text: SMS-Wallets for Venezuela

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With a Dash of Text will make it possible to create Wallets via SMS. Dash is trying to tap into a market that is so far separated from crypto-currencies – the Bank.

“Banking the unbanked” – the Bank is free to give a Bank so the commonly-cited goals of the Bitcoin Community. In the implementation there is a lack here, however, the Often to the technical requirements. Without Internet, Smartphone and/or Laptop as well as a matching Wallet, it is not easy to reach the large part of the world’s population has no access to a Bank. In short: no electricity, no Internet, no Bitcoin. To give now, but also those who are separated from the global network, a way to send digital money through the world history, made a Dash at it, “to bring a Dash of Text” on the market. This is the company announced in a press release on 19. September.

With a Dash of Text you can create in the future, SMS Wallets, without direct access to the Internet. It sends a SMS to the Dash Text and gives the company the mandate to create a Wallet – the dial is in turn, via a mobile phone. Then also, Transfers can be from there send.

Dash Text for Venezuela

Dash Text is just for countries such as Venezuela, in which due to Inflation is a high demand for crypto-currencies. Another factor is the lack of technical infrastructure of Venezuela is:

“The Bolivar is losing about 3 to 4 percent of its value per day, so the perfect Alternative for Venezuelans is Dash, in order to protect your money against Hyperinflation. And since crypto-currencies are legal, here’s a great opportunity for Dash. Currently, a lack of cash, what has led to the Point-of-Sale network breaks down and people spend hours in order to pay for a simple purchase that reigns in Venezuela. You spend hours in the queue to withdraw cash at an ATM.“

Later, users need neither a special access or authentication. If you want to send digital money, enter the phone number or Dash address. A safety defect in the thing so far: the phone is lost, the money is gone.

Dash Text SMS Wallets for Everyone (Exclusively for Dash)

Watch this Video on YouTube.

So far, Dash is Text-only in Venezuela available. In the medium term, the Service will be but also in other structurally weaker regions, especially in South America and Africa.

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