’Armistice’ for Brad and Angelina

96be43d86c2dbb60be6e6d4fd46b1c1e - ’Armistice’ for Brad and Angelina

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, in better times.

Brad and Angelina would be ’secretly’ met at her home. “It was the first time that they came together to get things to speak and to make a decision in the interest of their six children. It was a success and they want this to continue,” said the source. “Angelina was ready with interest and would like to be with Brad coming up with a solution. Brad has all that time the peace is kept between them and looks forward to a quieter situation for the children to realize.”

Jolie asked on september 20, 2016 the divorce of Brad and, since then, lived the former glamourkoppel at odds with each other. Angie claimed that Brad too much drank and used drugs, which resulted in a nasty relationship with their children. According to Brad, this is nonsense and he wants to understand nothing more than a lot of time with his children, to spend, to which he said ’very able’.

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