Writer reveals that Bert and Ernie a couple of forms

1d0036472acee806b9288d9234221c3c - Writer reveals that Bert and Ernie a couple of forms

It was the best kept secret of showbiz, but now comes the monkey out of the sleeve. Sesame street stars Bert and Ernie are in love with each other. It’s screenwriter, Mark Salzman that the duo has outed.

In the LGBT magazine Queerty declares Salzman the sudden coming-out. “A toddler asked me one day, or Bert and Ernie were together. I thought that was so much fun, especially because it is from the mouth of a child came. In my eyes they will always be a disconnect.” The two figures are based on the life of Salzman and his partner. “I was Ernie, my husband, Arnold Glassman was Bert. We were already a couple when the series a success.” And there are even more similarities with the dolls. As an example, the director from that Glassman more the neurotic was and he then the piler, what a fun combination made. In the series you can see Bert and Ernie often discuss, but nevertheless they share a room. They sleep in separate beds.

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