Verrassingsfeestje for Gregory runs completely wrong

67a344b0800892f253a72ef9017e7f73 - Verrassingsfeestje for Gregory runs completely wrong

Organize even a small verrassingsfeestje for your partner at the front door, is one of the three commands in the third episode of Couples, on Thursday 20 september. “Small surprises, small changes in our daily life building, can one day completely change, and have the power to be of a very boring day of the week a reminder to be who you are within 6 years still can cherish.” With Gregory and Leslie was, however, completely wrong.

Leslie saw it all just a little bigger and was totally absorbed in the assignment. Hartjesballonnen and candles on the stairs, on each step, a card with a little message, in white and red: “the colors of love and of the Antwerp. I think that I have never in the whole of our relationship as romantic, am, Greg goes hard laugh”. But surprise was not his specialty. “My first thought was, what a circus is that here? Is that necessary?” After afterwards tears fell at Leslie, says the couple, now together with the other participants and experts Chloé De Bie and Wim Slabbinck back on the emotional ride.

This episode is also about sexual fantasies. The couples were instructed to have sexual fantasies to discussion on the basis of an app. First they must each separately 99 possibilities to view and to check that they are open. Then shows the app to their matches. For some couples it is a lot of discussion, others have virtually the same interests.

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