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USA: Three times as many crypto-court processes, such as in the entire previous year

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The number of court processes in which it came to crypto currencies, to triple in the United States to 2017 by the end of July. This went from a on 11.September published report of the analysis of company “Lex Machina”. While in the whole of the previous year, fifteen court cases have been registered with the appropriate Background, it used to be half of 2018 already forty-five proceedings. Should the Trend continue, would fold the cryptographic processes to 2017 in about six.

According to the report, the number of the Blockchain, whether criminal proceedings have already risen by the end of 2017. In the first and second quarter of 2017, there were only two methods, in the third quarter, there were four. In the fourth quarter of 2017, the number eventually rose to seven court processes. In the first three months of 2018, the number of processes jumped to 22, in the second quarter of the year, there were 23. Among the companies that are involved in such a dispute, you can find prominent names such as Ripple Labs, or Bitconnect.

Apparently the Trend for “Lex Machina” comes rather as a surprise. The CEO commented on the development as follows:

“The current report shows a lot of unexpected Trends. The increase in procedures occurs on the stage of a pure charge, often amicably agreed it can be, is significant. This will force lawyers to engage deeper with the subject matter and to develop new strategies.“

The search for the reasons

The sharp increase in judicial procedures went Hand-in-Hand with the announcement of Jay Clayton, the new head of the American financial authority SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to regulate the dubious ICOs solid – this is the right analysis of the company looks is an important reason for the current Trend. Another reason may be, according to the report, the price development of Bitcoin. The number of procedures in the course, therefore, the opposite direction of the price.

Through the Boom that the entire crypto world in 2017, has also used a wave of regulations. Digital currencies evolve from gray mouse to a legally recognized subject. Court seem to be the logical consequence of the progressing arrangement in the respective legal systems. Thus, it is expected that the number of the appropriate court will increase the method with the increasing popularity of digital currencies, and further state regulation.

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