Toddler (2) shoots himself to death with rondslingerend gun

4a888996943c351cfb279f25ad808199 - Toddler (2) shoots himself to death with rondslingerend gun

Livingston – A 2-year-old boy to life after he found himself back in his face womb with a rondslingerend gun in his parental home. The toddler knew the weapon to get by on a stool next to the sink to climb.

Photo for illustration.

Emergency services came in large numbers to the terrible accident, but they could do nothing more for the boy to save. So reports the Daily Mail.

The name of the boy is not released yet. Also, it is not yet clear who is responsible for the lost gun, and which people were present in the house at the time that the boy himself shot down. The police has started an investigation.

Local residents are very frightened. “I have a son of five. I can’t imagine how horrible that is for the parents,” said an excited neighbor.


The toddler is the third child from the U.s. state of Louisiana that this year has been killed by an incident of unmanned weapons. In total, 141 children, who in the year 2018 to die from the effects of stray weapons in their vicinity.

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