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The fourth-largest asset Manager in crypto!

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The world’s fourth largest asset Manager enters officially into the crypto business!

Abigail Johnson CEO of Fidelity Investments, the world’s fourth-largest asset Manager, with management assets of approximately 2.4 trillion dollars, told in the context of the Boston Fintech Week Conference with your company in this year’s crypto products on the market. So far, the offer by Fidelity Investments comprised, among other things, funds, retirement savings, life insurance, asset management and similar services.

More precise Details remained, unfortunately, guilty of, however, your statements suggest that Fidelity Investments want to set the bar for institutional investors in the crypto market like something higher. So she announced, for example, the following:

“We have a few things going on, a couple of things that are partially done, but still on the shelf, because it is really the right time [for the introduction]. We hope that we can announce by the end of the year, some of these things.“

In previous Speeches, Johnson Often what is good for Bitcoin and crypto-currencies to want to voice. The company’s own charity
Fidelity Charitable
accepts since 2015 Bitcoin as a donation and made it so many Nouveau riche crypto owners possible a portion of your wealth to donations and philanthropy. The donated crypto-assets grew over the years and made this move a great success. In the Mining Reports of “Fidelity Investments is said to have been” already active, which makes a commitment of the company in the crypto-Ecosystem, and a corresponding extension of their product range actually is no big Surprise.

Nevertheless, despite this positive attitude of a Top financial company in respect of crypto-currencies is certainly of great interest from the Fintech and crypto-world encounter. May can Johnson and Fidelity Investments, on the one hand, with your product, but also with positive Publicity to a Mainstream adaptation of the crypto-currencies.

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