Stories about 33 million euros caress Neres

8da57278ca8e6ffb66e658af4564476f - Stories about 33 million euros caress Neres

David Neres is hugged by Dusan Tadic.

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A transfer has Neres, however, never thought of that. “I am only with the interest of other clubs are busy as my agent says that Ajax wants to negotiate. Of course, I’ve known about the interest of Borussia Dortmund read, but never having to think.”

So could the linksbenige attacker, his focus completely on Ajax. “But it flatters your ego, of course as a big club so much money for you. It is a sign that I am on the right road.”

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Why do you have despite the interest however, a new commitment until 2022 at Ajax signed?

“The offer spoke a lot of appreciation. And for me, the new contract is an incentive to continue, even harder work and even better to be.”

Read in the link below for the full interview with David Neres:

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