‘Spending on ICT will grow by 2 per cent’

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Mohamed Salah saw during the match, also a hit should be rejected.

While everything and everyone, including the always fanatical Jürgen Klopp, the fists became airborne, it seemed the Egtypische topschutter especially angry. While sitting on the couch, threw the substituted attacker desolate a water bottle on the ground. Later, he shared, however, simply joining in the revelry on the field.

The rage attack of Salah probably had everything to do with his disallowed goal and the fact that he largely owed to the second half of PSG. After sloppily losing possession of the lefty on the midfield, could Kylian Mbappé the 2-2 binnenschieten.

Liverpool was thanks to the successes of Daniel Sturridge and James Milner (penalty) 2-0, but seemed to by goals from Thomas Meunier and Mbappé nevertheless pleased to have to take with a point. The goal of Firmino gave The Reds eventually the full loot.

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