‘Sesame street’: Bert and Ernie are “best friends”, no homokoppel

638b35a5b68acffb036507fc5744fe02 - 'Sesame street': Bert and Ernie are "best friends", no homokoppel

Bert and Ernie, the cohabiting, the male dolls from the children’s program ‘sesame street’, are “best friends”. That is to say the producers of the tv show Tuesday. They deny the statements of one of their writers, who claimed that it is a homokoppel would go.

Writer Mark Saltzman, who in 1984 started to work for the show, told lgbt news site Queerty that the poppenduo was based on his relationship with filmmonteur Arnold Glassman. “Without a big agenda to want to pursue, I kept them for a couple when I was about Bert and Ernie wrote”, said Saltzman. “I could not in any other context. I don’t think any other way about them could write, as a loving couple.”

But the production company behind ‘sesame street’ denies now the statements. “As we have always said, are Bert and Ernie are best friends”, it sounds on Twitter. “Remain puppets without sexual orientation, even if they are portrayed as male characters, and they have many human characteristics.”

“‘Sesame street’ has always for inclusion and tolerance stood,” says the company in a second message. “It is a place where people of all cultures and backgrounds are welcome.”

There has long been speculation about the precise relationship of the two dolls. They share a bedroom, but sleep in separate beds.

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