Sally Field does a book open about death with Burt Reynolds

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Burt Reynolds had Sally Field firmly in his grasp, she writes in her new book

According to Field behaved Burt Reynolds controlling, jealous and demeaning during their stormy relationship. They alluded, according to Daily Mail, even that he physically abused would have. In her new memoirs she writes that when she tried to speak, his grip on her strengthened, and sometimes literally’.

Also he would be her acting career down. His jealousy expressed itself even if there are other men in the picture were. Then he would her in her face pinched and she had to say who the man was. “I have the most of myself eliminated, was a shadow of myself, I closed me in behind my eyes, not able to speak,” she writes in the book. Her relationship with him was a reflection of that with her stepfather, to draw Sally on to her sexually abused her sixth to her fourteenth. “I tried to make it work.”


The two met each other in 1976, to know when he asked her for a starring role in Smokey and the Bandit. Was Sally already somewhat famous by films such as Gidget and Stay Hungry, Burt was at that time the biggest movie star in the world. Surprised, she agrees. “When we met, was the weight of his fame a way for him to become everything around him to check and from the moment I was through the door walked, it was his way to me to check.” Their long relationship was impulsive and intense. “With our defects, we customized exactly to each other.”

Given the strong allegations of the earlier this month died actor (82), it is no wonder that Sally Field secretly relieved that he no longer lives and her book can’t read.

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