Plagiaatclaim for The Weeknd and Daft Punk

433814c4c1e91bc224620e4d290fa765 - Plagiaatclaim for The Weeknd and Daft Punk

Social media was regularly written about the parable of Starboy with Yooho. “The Weeknd is in his shirt! The melody of Starboy is stolen. Weeknd should give credits to those which they are entitled. This girl sang the song in 2009!”, thus, a listener on YouTube.

Yasmina, which describes itself as ’a Somali-American poet, singer and songwriter, ” says that The Weeknd her song got to know, because it was popular in the ’East African diaspora that The Weeknd is connected’. To prove it, she made a Twitter post from the singer, whose real name Abel Tesfaye, about missing his ’Somali buddies.

Own record label

Yasmina complains also her own record label, The Band and producers William Uschold and Tyrone Dangerfeild, who say that they are the case with The Weeknd on Yooho have fit – and then outside the deal have left.

“The Squad is the owner of the music, Yasmina not,” said lawyer Nai’il Benjamin in The New York Post.

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