Mother speaks about overdose Demi Lovato

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“I find it very difficult to talk about it and I start literally a little bit of shaking when I think back on the day,” says the mother. That day began for her with numerous messages from neighbors that her daughter strength and a speedy recovery toewensten. They didn’t know what was going on, that she heard later on of a assistant of Demi.

“I was in shock, this had never expected to hear. Not one of my children.” She then Demi’s sisters Dallas and Madison informed and together went to the hospital. “I was not able to drive, Dallas, has brought to us.”


From the car, they are in the first aid ran to where Demi was. “They did not look good. I said to her: Demi I’m here, I love you. She looked at me and said I love you too.” The days after that was the condition of Demi according to her mother’s criticism. She knew for two days or her daughter would come to the rescue.

“That she has survived is due in part to the millions of prayers of everyone who meeleefde.” Also says De la Garza self aid to have been found in the faith.

Very good

Demi Lovato was at the end of July in the hospital after an overdose of heroin to himself. The singer would except with a liquor and drug addiction also struggle with mental problems and an eating disorder. According to the mother’s “very good” with her.

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