‘Kanye wants terugverhuizen to Chicago

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The rapper wants to work with his wife Kim Kardashian and their children move to Chicago and start a new life.

If Kanye West is, he takes his things and he leaves with a single journey to Chicago to find a new life to build. With his family to understand, so that would mean that his wife Kim Kardashian her beloved Los Angeles to leave. Kanye talked about his wishes during an event in Chicago and said, “I’ll come back to this city and go no more out”.

According to a source, would Kim and Kanye have their eyes all dropped on a house in Chicago. “They want to here their permanent residence for them and their three children, but keep the villa in LA absolutely. In addition, they possess a number of properties in that region, where they will not want to do.”

Kanye would also be in Yeezy’s office of Calabasas, his current address, to Chicago and want to move. “He has the past months the music included in this city and to get in contact with old friends, which he really liked. That has him in mind to move.”

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