’Journey to the finale’ of Glennis Grace on tv

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Glennis Grace

Nada van Nie follows Glennis Grace for more than a year long on the foot. “It is a beautiful journey, I follow her like a fly on the wall. The journey begins in Jordan, where it comes from,” she said Wednesday on Radio 1. The filmmaker speaks of a special experience.

She notes that Glennis in the United States is under tremendous pressure to perform. “It is very handsome. I think that we are very proud of her. How they are now and as strong and this face, which is really not normal. She is under great pressure, but stays pretty cool under.” Nada is impressed by Glennis, who dreams of a career in America. “She is quite sure of her voice. Only five minutes before they need to be, they are nervous. It is incredibly handsome.”

The documentary is already on Videoland. But for the broadcast tv is this documentary coming days will be updated with fresh images from behind the scenes at the finals of America’s Got Talent. From Saturday, is this updated version also available at Videoland. On RTL4 is Glennis Grace: the girl from the Jordan river Saturday night at 22: 00.

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