Jeff Goldblum played almost no in Jurassic Park

6545e3540c4aefcbe8e679e43bc162d5 - Jeff Goldblum played almost no in Jurassic Park

The actor tells us that his most recognizable role was almost deleted because, according to director Spielberg did not fit into the script.

Jeff Goldblum had Steven Spielberg to beg for his role as dr. Ian Malcolm is not deleted from Jurassic Park.

The character, for fans of Jurassic Park is an indispensable part of the movie, had almost do not exist because the director, the role is not found for the story. The actor during an Emmy after-party that he and Spielberg asked to see the light and give him a chance to give. “When I got to mr. Spielberg for the first time met, he said,” you Know, there comes a film, and your role is not in the new script.”

But Goldblum did not give up and persuaded the Oscar-winning director to once again to the script to look. Now is Ian Malcolm not more from the strong position in belgium and think his scenes are immediately recognizable for people around the world. The character is so iconic that a statue was erected in a London park during the 25th anniversary of the film.

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