“I was the André Hazes under the magicians’

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In 2007, Clock for nine months in Las Vegas for a show and he found it was easy to do. “During the day for a little swim and there are living many friends of mine,” he explains to “That was during the day best chill.”

To say that was his life at the time, especially from sex, drugs and rock ’n ‘ roll, but now he does it a lot quieter. “I was always a little bit of André Hazes among the magicians. But it is all a bit less. The years of climbing and the sense will take the upper hand,” he says.

He explains that he found the drugs by now completely rejected. “I am not better and I can be there for two days and stay awake, because they nowadays there is also often a bit of speed and that kind of teringbende through throw. If I ever used it, I had left a hangover of a week. It has a total of no attraction more on me.”

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