Half years in prison for notorious oplichtster

a694052b73901b65bc34896716489ebf - Half years in prison for notorious oplichtster

LELYSTAD – Frequent scams, and making a false report of rape provides a 30-year-old woman from Hoofddorp imprisonment of six months, half of which is conditional. The notorious oplichtster went on different ways to work. Also stole the car and the car of her brother, put that on her name and it was sold then.

At the end of 2015 accused a man of rape, that is her refuge in his home in Baarn. But the statement of the woman knocked on several points. The denial of the husband was to be supported with facts, as judge of the court in Lelystad.

Further visited the woman barber shops in Laren and Blaricum and hired them in Blaricum, a house, all without pay. An owner of a hair salon got a kick when she the defendant then appealed. She also asked credit cards in name of two persons and took money and ordered there stuff. Also tankte them without paying. According to the court, there was talk of guile and deceit. In 2017, the woman was already several times convicted and sentenced to community service.

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