Greek village covered by cobwebs

b2dd5feb603635f95c83d6bf538042e4 - Greek village covered by cobwebs

Aitoliko – if you Go on holiday to Greece, you end up in a spinnenhel. The Greek place Aitoliko is every year inundated with cobwebs, made by the Tetragnatha spider, the huge nests it builds to mate.

According to experts, it is a phenomenon that every season again returns. A combination of high humidity and warm temperatures, ensure that the village is the ideal paarplek is for the Tetragnatha spiders. So reports BBC.

Not one of the spiders out of the story, but it is a Tetragnatha spider.

According to a professor at the Democritus University of Thrace, the pins are not dangerous to humans, and caused the webs not for damage to the flora and fauna.

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