Frimout with Marcel nostalgic autumn meet

It is almost autumn and the falling of the leaves makes many people nostalgic. The same holds for Frimout. Their new single, ‘Marcel’ is bathed in a wonderfully nostalgic countrybad. The song tells the story of a simple man that everyone in his city or village is unknown, but which no one really knows. ‘Marcel’ is a nice heupwiegend tune, that is a smile of recognition conjures up.

This song is the first collaboration between Frimoutfrontman Stef Willems and singer-songwriter Jan The Campenaere (Venus in Flames). That last wrote the last years, songs for, among others, Clouseau, Dana Winner and Niels Destadsbader.
Kevin Mulligan took care of the atmospheric pedalsteelgitaar and Peter Bulkens did the recording and mix. The production of this Frimoutsong was back in the hands of producer Steve Willaert.

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