Firmino surprised Klopp with one eye

51a41289984975000d04756c913ad217 - Firmino surprised Klopp with one eye

Roberto Firmino celebrates his hit.

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The French were with their supertrio at the front: Neymar, Kylian Mbappé and Edinson Cavani. “It was good, very good. They are hard to defend but we did it,” said Klopp. “All eleven players had a role in it. It was a strong performance from the team and that is something that we need today.”

In the competition won Liverpool all five-until now-played duels. Klopp had the not entirely fit attacker Roberto Firmino next to him on the couch and saw Daniel Sturridge his part well take over. “I have him not yet as fit experienced,” said the German coach about the player who last year was superfluous, and leased to West Bromwich. Also this year has Sturridge not starting.

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Roberto Firmino gets a hug from coach Jürgen Klopp.

Klopp brought in Firmino in the 72nd minute still. The Brazilian, who Saturday in the duel with Tottenham a finger of the Belgian Jan Vertonhen in his eye had gotten, decided the match in injury time. “Unbelievable,” said Klopp. ,,There was no question of that Firmino could play. He could be short for the contest purpose only again for the first time.”

Liverpool reached the last season finale in which it lost to Real Madrid. “The development of this club is best reflected when you hear that we are against Paris Saint-Germain have and you don’t think we stand a chance”‘, said Klopp. “Two or three years ago, people might thought that we would not be able to.”

Van Dijk could confirm this. “We believe in it, that is a condition. We want to be at least as good as last year.”

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