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Ethfinex Trustless: Without card trade

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Ehtfinex Trustless, a Scion of the crypto-exchange, Bitfinex, allows since the 17th century. September trade with ETH-, OMG – and ZRX-Token. The highlight: The Trading is anonymous; a compulsion to identification by means of identity does not exist.

KYC? Of due! The new crypto exchange Ethfinex Trustless, it is warm no matter who is driving your trading. So you need to Trade neither the card nor the phone number. Not even an E-Mail address will be requested. In fact, there is no registration in the real sense. Only the Browser extension Metamask is needed to be able to Ethfinex Trustless use. The Plugin allows the Browser access to the Ethereum block Chain.

The first trading pairs

In the first week, a modest number of trading pairs for traders. So you can swap ETH against the US Dollar, the ZRX, and OMG. ZRX and OMG can optionally be against ETH or the “Stable-Coin” USDT changed. After about 40 more tokens to follow. Also, the “Stable-Coin” Dai can be traded in various exchange pairs.

The first two weeks: Not quite as “trustless”

For the first two weeks Ethfinex Trustless is not even waived completely to the KYC criteria. So traders are obliged at this time to keep the in-house Nectar-Token (NEC). To give the Ethfinex Team an Overview of the active Trader and Troubleshooting in the event of unforeseen events easier. The NEC is a ERC-20-Token.

In addition, the NEC serves the purpose to reward loyalty Market Maker on Ethfinex. So 50 percent of the transaction will be included fees in the Smart Contract from NEC, and every 30 days. At the end of a month, the NEC distributed tokens to the Market Maker. The proportion of the Makers on the volume of transactions, the following applies: The higher, the higher the payout. The resulting Token can then be gehodlt or against a Reward exchanged. Here is: The more tokens you hold, the bigger the piece of the Reward cake that a Market receives Maker. Who Token holds three percent of the NEC shall be entitled to three percent of the content of the NEC-Smart-Contracts. It should also be possible to sell NEC-Token on secondary markets.

Ethfinex: Decentralized Central

The cryptographic stock exchange advertises in addition, in order to combine the advantages of decentralized and centralized crypto stock exchanges. So a Trader remains in control of his Coins. He must not enter the exchange for safekeeping, but can trade via its own Wallets. So Ethfinex Trustless protects against hacker attacks, which in the case of centralized Exchanges such as Mt.Gox, Bitgrail or Coincheck have already done serious damage. Also Ethfinex model Bitfinex was 2016 the victim of a devastating Hacker attack. At the time, 119.756 Bitcoin with a total value of 72 million dollars were stolen, which enabled the trust in crypto exchanges a harsh blow.

The Coins stay in the Wallets of the users, to avoid a Central point of attack for hackers. Since the order books of Bitfinex and Ethfinex the determination of price, liquidity constraints faced by a purely decentralized exchanges have to be avoided.

Since the opening of the stock exchange on 17. In September, the price of the NEC has Token clear: Be available 24-hours-Plus is 14.9 percent. Currently, the NEC rate is 0.48 US Dollar. Market-capitalization-Nectar is ranked 113 among the crypto-currencies.

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