Ellie Lust with pain in the heart away from police

fc04b78ae6f22a42f476d86c6eff2a55 - Ellie Lust with pain in the heart away from police

Ellie Lust as the spokeswoman of the police in Amsterdam at the Canal Parade during Gay Pride

In an interview with newspaper het Parool, that this coming weekend appears, tells Lust that they are of the politieleiding had to choose for her police work, or her television career. She felt, therefore, for the block. “I thought: surely not true, my gun hand, and my credentials, and my uniform – I zág the do not do myself. Because I am still of the police? And I don’t want to be sad, but I do want to honestly say how it has gone. It has made me so much hurt.”

If she would continue, she couldn’t do more acting as spokesperson, but was there a different function for its search. And that’s the deciding factor. I am an honourable man and I do not feel integrity treated.”

Lust has a long career with the Amsterdam police. They started in 1987, was a policeman, and went in 2007 as a spokesperson to the battle. She put Pink in Blue, a network of LGBT people to the police. As spokesperson, she was regularly seen in news and investigation programme.

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