Chantal Janzen calls for Talent Academy

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Chantal Janzen

At the Talent Project Academy’s work fourteen professionals one hundred days long, with the talents which by Chantal Janzen, Caro Emerald and Roel van Velzen are chosen for their singing talent to develop. The coaches teach in ten different subjects. “Talents learn at the academy about styling, presentation and how she interviews have to do”, says Chantal.

“You can have so much talent, but if you are not being helped, you can be sure that you’re not a breakthrough. So they have just the tools needed. I really think that every starting artist here wants to go. They need that school, therefore, also be really up, not only for this program. That should just come. A kind of Fame school, where I also like to go had wanted when I was younger. A audition on The Voice I had at a young age total not aangekund, you want me to punish. Holland’s Got Talent, I had also not daring. That was nothing for me. I have as a child, also never at home between the sliding doors stood.”


Chantal is happy with the format of The Talent Project, that the genre of the talent shows continue to refresh. “It is a brilliant discovery to the talents after the first audition through a tunnel to see and the viewers are shortened to show what they experience in the course of a hundred days. When they are out of the tunnel, they are different and better. That you’ll see in the first episode, that is cool to the program.”

Chantal, who also regularly great tv shows presents, feels comfortable in her role as a member of the jury. “Sorry for all the judges in the Netherlands, but judging is more relaxed than present. I should sit down and am public and become amused.”

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