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Buruma road at the ‘New York Review of Books’ after #MeToo-rel

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Ian Buruma, who is a U.s.-Dutch writer, who also for this newspaper opiniebijdrages writes, is no longer the editor-in-chief of The New York Review of Books. Reports that The New York Times.

Or Buruma, who only last year editor-in-chief was, itself leaves or is fired, is at the moment not known. He is, for the sake of clarity, is not accused of misconduct. Him is accused of a journalistic error of judgement to have made, are affiliated with #Metoo.

In the upcoming next edition of the fortnightly literary magazine, there are three essays under the heading ‘The fall of men’. One of those essays is written by Jian Ghomeshi, a Canadian radio broadcaster, who by more than twenty women have accused of sexual assault. Ghomeshi was acquitted, but remained under fire.

When uitlekte that an essay of him would appear, broke a storm of protest los. The editorial board decided on the essay is already online, but that didn’t help: Ghomeshi wallows in his piece in a slachtofferrol, he writes that he is a pariah has become, what is even more evil blood put.

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