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Bronze Belgian Cats go in Tenerife for top eight during world cup basketball: “We have to remain hungry”

9cefea49b0bdb837e439b97636626dbc - Bronze Belgian Cats go in Tenerife for top eight during world cup basketball: “We have to remain hungry”

The Belgian Cats are Wednesday to Tenerife departed for the first world CHAMPIONSHIP of basketball at the seniors with a Belgian participant. The women’s coach Philip Mestdagh, last year’s surprising third at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Prague, aiming for a place in the quarter-finals.

“The top eight is our ambition, but we must not forget that our group is heavy”, opened Mestdagh Thursday at the press conference for the departure. “We need to be realistic. Our first game, against Puerto Rico (september 22, 21: 30), must be won. Then wait Japan (23 september, at 14h30), the champion of Asia, and then Spain (25 september to 21h00), reigning European champion and vice-olympic champion.”

“We must not forget that it is our first participation to a world CHAMPIONSHIP,” said veterane Ann Wauters, the words of her coach. “Japan and Spain, for example, are the simply major international tournaments to play.” The 37-year-old Wauters was nine months on the side with a knee injury, but hopes at the world cup again important.

The other Belgian topspeelster, Emma Meesseman, hurt themselves at the tournament in Valencia, but her sprain to the ankle recovered quicker than expected. Meesseman, at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS last year, elected in the Team of the Tournament, hopes once again her best level, but stressed Wednesday the collective. “Just like in Prague, we will have the tournament match by match. Only with a strong collective will to succeed and perform at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. We must remain hungry.”

The Belgian Cats draw with virtually the same team that last year’s european CHAMPIONSHIPS-bronze conquered to Tenerife. Kapiteine Sofie Hendrickx put a point behind her international career, while Julie Allemand – last year injured – to return in the selection.

The poulewinnaar punch directly through to the quarter finals of the world cup. Numbers two and three play barragewedstrijden against the numbers two and three from group D, consisting of the United States, China, Latvia, and Senegal.

First world CHAMPIONSHIPS for seniors, but youth did experience

The Belgian Cats take next week (22-30 september) for the first time at a world cup of basketball. They are the first senior team (men and women) that ever succeed. The Belgian youth teams names already four times participate in world Cup, each time they were here, too, the vrouwenteams.

The U21 were in 2007, fifth at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Moscow, the U17 picked up in 2010, a fourth place in Toulouse in 2012, a seventh place in Amsterdam and the U19 finally conquered in 2015 and a sixth place in Chekhov (Moscow).

Several current Belgian Cats were sitting in one of those selections. Julie Allemand and Heleen Nauwelaers names even twice part (2012 and 2015). For Kyara Linskens (2012), Antonia Delaere, Hanne Mestagh, Julie Vanloo, Emma Meesseman and Hatty Nawezhi (all 2010) remained limited to one entry.

The Belgian U19 will – thanks to her fifth place at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS U18 in Udine – in 2019 also be present at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Bangkok (20-28 July). The girls of coach Arvid Diels, were in 2017 still European champion U18.

Next WK’s are only 12 played

The Belgian Cats take next week (22-30 september) for the first time at a world cup of basketball. Or that also in the future soon again will happen, is the question. The number of participants for the next world cup was, after all, with four countries having reduced from sixteen countries to twelve. The rating system will also undergone a major facelift.

To the world cup of 2022 to achieve it’s not enough just a good result to catch up on EK (such as the Belgian Cats did for this world cup, red). Each country will have a qualifier to go through. The top six of the CHAMPIONSHIP will be allowed to participate in that tournament, which will consist of sixteen countries (four groups of four countries). The first three countries of each group qualify for the world cup, with twelve countries. The system is the same as that for the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo.

At the qualifier for Tokyo 2020, there will be also the (future) world champion and the organizing country, Japan are participating. They are already qualified, which in their groups of four teams only two other countries place themselves for the Play.

Selection and program

The Belgian Cats to play between 22 and 30 september in Tenerife, their first-ever world cup of basketball. The Belgian women in the group stage in group C against Puerto Rico (september 22, 21: 30), Japan (23 september, at 14h30) and Spain (25 september to 21h00). It is the first time that a Belgian national team in the senior (men and women) could qualify for a world cup.

Sixteen countries were divided into four groups of four. The group winners of the place directly for the quarter-finals. Numbers two and three play barragewedstrijden (eighth-finals) to the quarter-finals to join. The last in the group is disabled.

The group stage will be played in two halls, Municipal Palace of Sports “Quico Cabrera” in Santa Cruz (3.600) and of Pabellon Insular Santiago Martin in San Cristobal (5.100).

The knockout stage is only in that last room finished.


5. Kim Mestdagh, SG, 1m80, 12.03.1990 (without club)

6. Antonia Delaere, F, 1m82, 01.08.1994, Castors Braine

8. Hatty Nawezhi, PF, 1m86, 07.09.1994, Rioja (Spa D2)

9. Marjorie Carpreaux, PG, 1m64 17.09.1987, Castors Braine

11. Emma Meesseman, C, 1m93, 13.05.1993, Ekaterinburg (Rus)

12. Ann Wauters, C, 1m93, 12.10.1980 (without club)

13. Kyara Linskens, C, 1m90 13.11.1996, Gorzow (Pol)

22. Hanne Mestdagh, F, 1m78 19.04.1993, Names

32. Heleen Nauwelaers, F, 1m80 14.03.1996, Bembibre (Spa)

35. Julie Vanloo, PG, 1m74, 10.02.1993, PEAC Pecs (Hon)

42. Jana Raman, PF, 1m86, 15.02.1991, Claret Valencia (Spa D2)

55. Julie Allemand, G, 1m74, 07.07.1996, Lyon ASVEL (Fra)

Coach: Philip Mestagh

Assistant coach: Pierre Cornia


Group A: South Korea, Greece, Canada, France

Group B: Australia, Turkey, Argentina, Nigeria

Group C: Japan, Puerto Rico, BELGIUM, Spain

Group D: Latvia, United States, Senegal, China

Program group C (Belgian time):

Saturday, september 22

21h00 (Santiago Martin): Spain – Japan

21: 30 (Quico Cabrera): BELGIUM – Puerto Rico

Sunday, september 23

14h30 (Quico Cabrera): BELGIUM – Japan

21h00 (Santiago Martin): Spain – Puerto Rico

Tuesday 25 september:

12: 00 a.m. (Quico Cabrera): Japan – Puerto Rico

21h00 (Santiago Martin): Spain – BELGIUM

* Group C intersects with group D for the barrages (eighth-finals)

Wednesday 26 september:


Friday 28 september:


Saturday, september 29

Semi-finals and klassementswedstrijden (places 5 to 8)

Sunday, september 30,

18h30: consolation class

21h00: Final

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