Black Panther-director to work with Space Jam 2

6fd8eca583ccac6e834e7e8fa7d335da - Black Panther-director to work with Space Jam 2

Black Panther-director Ryan Coogler is added to the production of Space Jam 2. He is hired as the producer of the long-awaited sequel and director Terence Nance.

The Hollywood Reporter calls the appointment of Coogler a coup. He is currently one of the most sought after filmmakers after the huge success of Black Panther, that worldwide more than a billion dollars in the drawer brought. Coogler was so in one fell swoop the most successful black director ever.

About the arrival of Space Jam 2 was already years of speculation. The sequel is being created with basketball player LeBron James in the starring role.

In the original from 1996, starring Michael Jordan, a team of Looney Tunes characters led against a group of giant aliens. The film brought worldwide 230 million dollars.

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