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Bitcoin: BTC Hodler defy the bearish sentiment

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More than 55 percent of the Bitcoin are the latest in Wallets, in which more than 200 BTC. A third of the Bitcoins in these “investors-Wallets” have still recorded no outgoing transactions. The large number of non-moving Coins on a Hardcore Hodler close, or lost Private Keys.

The majority of Bitcoin is to the Wallets of millionaires. To this end, the crypto publication of Diar at least. So more than half of the Bitcoin Wallets with a balance of just over 200 BTC (at current rate of about 1.083.000 Euro). Diar has also found that about a third of the Coins were issued in this “investors ‘ Wallets”.

To was self-Bitcoin-weddings gehodlt

Diar has also been found that more than 40 percent of Bitcoin are already available since December, 2017 in the 200-Plus-BTC-Wallets – and still were not moved. Here are a couple of Orthodox Hodler may be at work and/or everyone in-Private-Key-losers. For the Former, the fact that 27 percent of these Wallets have bought more Bitcoin only speaks at the very least.

Diar also refers to a study of Chainalysis, which was released in June. Chainalysis comes to the conclusion that about a third of the bitcoins are already lost or not yet been gemint. This analysis is consistent with the evaluation of the Diar, which classifies 30 percent of the Coins as lost or non-liquid.

All the Figures of the Diar-study to the Bitcoin distribution:

  • 15 percent of the Bitcoin on Exchange Wallets
  • 13 per cent of BTC to be spent on transactions
  • 25 per cent of BTC’s long-term Investment to serve objectives
  • 17 percent serve the short-term speculation
  • 30 percent of the BTC are lost or not-yet-gemint

The price of Bitcoin is stagnant, meanwhile,

No question of who BTC gehodlt has already in record time in December, will also let the current bear market is not of his line to be diverted. The price of Bitcoin chugs, meanwhile, is leisurely in the waters above the 6.300-US-Dollar-brand. The fear is that the Bitcoin after its Five-day Low on the 17. September could continue to crash, has not been confirmed, however. With a day plus a percentage of the Bitcoin has reached the level of last week and stands there with a 6.337 U.S. Dollar to one per cent better than seven days ago.

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