Betonproblemen in more nuclear reactors in Belgium

048f79d6fc9d5de6df2164f3654e854f - Betonproblemen in more nuclear reactors in Belgium

BRUSSELS – inspections in the two Belgian nuclear power plants are more betonproblemen determined. Earlier it was already clear that the concrete in the bunkers with emergency systems in two reactors of the power plants in doel and Tihange “degrades.” Now it is proved that the concrete in the bunkerplafonds of two reactors do not meet the requirements.

The defects came to light during inspections of operator Engie Electrabel, says the nuclear watchdog FANC. That suggests that there are no risks for the population, the workers and the environment.

For both reactor Tihange 2 if Goal 4 is now looking at how the restore should be performed. They can only be started up if the respective buildings meet the requirements. The repairs in Tihange 3 are engaged. In Aim 3 have been completed.

About the safety of the power plants at Liège and Antwerp rule a lot of concerns in the neighbouring countries. They count a total of seven reactors.

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