Australian prime minister compares sabotage of strawberries with ‘financing terrorism’

256b6699b8bd3241e259d609ce52a7c9 - Australian prime minister compares sabotage of strawberries with ‘financing terrorism’

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, the sabotage of Australian strawberries compared with terrorism. In the country is panic after a twenty strawberries were discovered in which needles were.

The case poses a threat to the aardbeienindustrie, and therefore, calls Morrison his countrymen to flock aardbeientaarten to bake the strawberry growers to support it.

Morrison also calls for increasing the penalties for those who contaminate food up to 15 year.

The revelations have supermarkets their aardbeientaarten recalled and producers have their crops destroyed and their workers temporary unemployment made. In New Zealand, some shops selling Australian strawberries in bulk suspended.

“Here, we laugh not with it,” said Morrison in a televised address. “It is unacceptable, it is completely unacceptable in this country’ said the premier. By the increase of the penalties would this type of crime, according to Morrison, are comparable ‘with things like possession of paedophile images and the financing of terrorism”. ‘This to you to make clear how seriously I take’, said the premier.

Try strawberries to buy as previously, and simply take the necessary precautions. Take a pav (a pavlovataart, a cake based on meringue, red.) this weekend, put strawberries in’, he cried.

The police said Tuesday, still looking for the perpetrator.


In six different states and territories of Australia are needles and pins found in strawberries. At least six brands of strawberries were in this way sabotaged.

One man was taken to the hospital after he has a strawberry with a needle had eaten. The Health minister Greg Hunt has to the Food Safety Authority is asked to open an investigation. “This is a general attack on our population.’

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