Xavier Taveirne victim of harassment

Xavier Taveirne victim of harassment

Xavier Taveirne is nieuwsanker, radio broadcaster, and was the Smartest Man in the World, but even he was during his youth the victim of bullying… How he managed his bullies to outwit?

Xavier Taveirne testifies in Humo about how he was bullied as a teenager. “I had acne, was quite corpulent and wore a pair of spectacles with thick glasses.” An easy victim, in other words. Xavier Taveirne testifies how he was called puistenkop, fat man, or a blind mole. “It also didn’t help that I was in nothing excelled,” explains the journalist. “I heard nowhere and no one gave me the feeling that I did something heard.”

Xavier Taveirne admits that he quickly acquiesced in his fate. If they are not liked because he is not played or not girls nariep, then so be it. “More so, I wanted to not be a member of that club,” said Xavier Taveirne. “I don’t want to be like you, prefer to not even,” gave Xavier Taveirne are bullies and click on the piece. Still want Xavier Taveirne something to clarify.

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