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Wout van Aert confirms fracture and bizarre situation: “I have at this moment no team”

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Cyclocross rider Wout van Aert has unilaterally his contract broken by Sniper Cycling, the company behind the team Veranda’s Willems-Crelan. That message, the team sent tonight to the world and is now also the world champion himself confirms: “I have at this moment no team. How my rainbow jersey for the next career will look like, it is also for me a riddle,” says Van Aert at

The news hit last night as a bomb in the veldritwereldje: Wout van Aert has unilaterally the contract with Sniper Cycling broken. Sniper Cycling is the structure behind Veranda’s Willems – Crelan, the team he signed up Nick Nuyens.

“From the airport of Schiphol airport, where I am on my flight towards Chicago wait, I can not but this news is confirm,” confirms Van Aert the new developments in his column for “There have been the last day the facts occurred and any cooperation with the team made it impossible. Unfortunately, I can do anything additional to tell, because of the delicate aspect of the case.”

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“What I have to say can: I have at the moment, so no team. I step shortly after the afternoon plane to the United States in great ignorance of the practical aspect of the case. Annoying, but it is not different: that we will solve in the coming days.”

“Riddle how my rainbow jersey will look like”

Of Aert focuses, therefore, on the sporty, with Waterloo and Iowa come now after all, the two American wereldbekermanches. He shall take office as an independent rider: the world champion will be there with what’s called a “white sweater” and on a own bike and driving around, so without sponsors or material of his ex-team.

“How my rainbow jersey there will look like, it is also for me a mystery”, he concludes. “I hope for understanding of you regarding the vagueness around my contractverbreking, but need breaks law.”

There was a hair in the butter between Van Aert and team manager Nick Nuyens, who needed to find a new sponsor because Veranda’s Willems to be there next season ends. Finally found Nuyens a solution: starting next year and going to Sniper Cycling, together with the Dutch Roompot-Dutch Lottery, also a pro-continental team. Van Aert was the first season the leader of the team, but he did displeased because he was not aware of the plans. Earlier also jumped already have a partnership with the Irish Aqua Blue Sport and there knew to be the figurehead of the team.

In addition, he saw with team leader Niels Albert and good friend Tim Merlier already two important pawns leave. Even a large contractverbetering could no longer convince.

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