Van Rooijen effort to ’baby’ Penoza release

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Diederik van Rooijen

Van Rooijen left three years ago to Hollywood where an agency had been approached after the success of his film Taped. The turning of the last season of Penoza coincided with the filming of his first American feature film Cadaver, who will soon be in the cinemas to see.

“I thought it was a lot more punchy than I thought to the decision to have to take my baby after eight years to let loose,” he says now. The direction was taken over by Max Porcelijn, Michiel van Jaarsveld and Willem Gerritsen. “Who have done a great job, the viewer will be nothing of my absence have noticed. But it made for myself, the need to the success of the series to be awarded with a feature even more urgent. I have yet to really say goodbye. The series Penoza also deserves a truly epic farewell, on the white cloth.”

Easter eggs

The spiritual father is satisfied with the scenario that there is now, and funding is almost secured. The pictures find spring place in Amsterdam and abroad. “It is a self-contained story,” says Van Rooijen. “But at the same time for the hard fans a feast of recognition. Think of it as easter eggs: they sit there in whom she recognizes, but if you miss them, the movie is no less fun.”

It was a huge challenge to all those self-set targets to meet, acknowledges the director. Already after the fourth season, the plan was conceived for a feature film. A number of storylines in the fifth series, it was at his request, slightly adjusted, so that they more fit in with the idea that he is for the movie script of Penoza had. “In the end, there were still quite a lot of verhaallijntjes that we in the five tv series were not completed,” he says. “And the characters of whom we do not know what has happened to them.”

’One big family’

It is after ten years of very strange to indicate what the role of Penoza in his life has played. “It’s very crazy but also very to finally such a long time on one project to be able to devote,” he explains. “To see how something you thought was only one season to grow and is increasing in popularity.” The success of Penoza was one of the reasons why Hollywood him embraced. But with a large number of actors and crew members is Of Rooijen also really warmed. “That makes the parts of such a rollercoaster experience. As soon as you see each other, all the noses exactly the same way without a word having to say. We will unreservedly to each other by the fire; we truly are one big family.”

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