Trump pookt trade war with China

6fe3804152990b71865c4f6466bed81f - Trump pookt trade war with China

The United States imports 10 percent of new fees on $ 200 billion of Chinese goods. That made the White House Monday known. President Trump also promises new import duties on 267 billion dollar of additional goods if Beijing countermeasures.

The American president Donald Trump runs China the thumbscrews. ‘The import duties on 24 september and will run up to 10 percent until the end of this year. On 1 January, the import duties up to 25 percent, ” says Trump in a press release. That must be the American companies allow their supply chain first, in order to search for suppliers in other countries.

“If China retaliates against local farmers or other industries, we will immediately phase three in operation. Then there are import duties on 267 billion dollars in additional import commodities.’

The smart watches from Apple and Fitbit made it to the final list, not finally, just as bicycle helmets and car seats for babies.


According to the newspaper the Wall Street Journal wants the U.s. government an additional lever to create that they can use to handelsgesprekken between the US and China later this month. The US say that American companies very are forced to valuable technology to Chinese partners. And Trump also claims that the Chinese use their trade surplus with the U.S. of 375 billion dollars to contain.

‘Charges have the US in a particularly favorable bargaining position.”, tweette the president Monday morning. According to Trump, delivered America billions, while ‘rising costs barely recognisable’.

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