The writer confirms: “Bert and Ernie are liefdeskoppel’

0d0a87ca39febb4d5f2a2d0978fff950 - The writer confirms: "Bert and Ernie are liefdeskoppel’

Saltzman, who for many years for sesame street wrote, based his stories on his own life. “I was already together with my husband Arnold – Arnie – Glassman when I was at sesame street came. Several people referred to us as Bert and Ernie. Arnie was filmredacteur, if you think about Bert, you can then find a better job, remember? With his paper clips and organization? And I was the prankster. So I couldn’t do anything about them as a loving couple.”

About the relationship between Bert and Ernie is already years of speculation. The two popular dolls share since 1969, joys and sorrows, sleeping in the same room and can bicker like a long-ago married couple. Until now, it was by the creators of sesame street, however, is always in the middle left that the two also really a couple. How the other writers about Bert and Ernie think, is not known.

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