Stormy Daniels describes g-strings Trump as ’mushroom’

1aedc33df8ec3e727721ac0f58aa0fc2 - Stormy Daniels describes g-strings Trump as ’mushroom’

“I was lying there, bored that I was taken by a guy with pubic hair as the Yeti and a penis on the champignonfiguurtje of Mario Kart seemed to be”, is one of the many passages from the book of Full Disclosure, that on October 2, will appear. “It might just be the least impressive sex that I have ever had. But he apparently had a different opinion about that.”

The porn actress shuns not to his genitals even more detail to describe and claim in her memoirs that the ’smaller than average’ is, and that Trump himself would know that his masters there are separate looks.

To say that she has the zwijgcontract on the eve of the elections, signed out of fear, because she feared for her own safety and her story increasingly dangerous to be. For this she received amount of 130,000 dollars (approximately 111.000 euros).

President Donald Trump denies to this day the affair with Stephanie Clifford, such as Stormy are actually called. Though he has admitted his former lawyer Michael Cohen of 130,000 dollars to be paid, which Cohen out-of-pocket paid to keep her quiet to do imposition.

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