Sesame street denies love affair with Bert and Ernie

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Writer Mark Salzman, who for many years the sketches of the two always kijvende friends wrote, reported Monday in an interview that he found the duo always homokoppel saw. Most of the situations that he thought Bert and Ernie were inspired by the life of him and his friend.

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But Sesame Workshop gave Tuesday on Twitter with a short statement in which the company does not with this view. “Best friends,” says the producer. “The characters are ever devised to teach children that people who are very different are nevertheless well able to shoot.” But above all, dolls, insists Sesame Workshop. “And the puppets have no sexual orientation.”

Miss Piggy

About the relationship between Bert and Ernie is already years of speculation. The two popular dolls share since 1969, joys and sorrows, sleeping in the same room and can bicker like a long-ago married couple. Until now, it was by the creators of sesame street, however, is always in the middle left that the two also really a couple.

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On Twitter was the declaration Tuesday night with howls of derision received. Many users on social media pointed to the undeniable sexual tension that for decades brewing between the dominant Miss Piggy and the submissive Kermit the Frog.

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