Rutte: people are going to find that it goes better

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THE HAGUE – Dutch go in the coming time, notice that it goes better. There is prime minister Mark Rutte convinced, on the day that his third cabinet for the first time a budget presents. Sure he has, especially about the international instability.

The government can spend more because the economy is growing so fast. “This growth spurt seems to be multi-year to perpetuate.” There is the coming year, invested in healthcare, education and defence. “People will also notice that it is in the purse a bit better. We see the wages rise, there is room for tax cuts.”

Rutte relies on the help of employers to let people experience that the better. The premier points out that “across a broad front, the collective wages go up.” A few years ago, he had the business still calls the salaries to increase. “I don’t do it.”

Not only within the national borders

But not everything is about what is within the borders of a country place, according to the premier. “I think that we as a country also have to worry about the world. How’s it going with big issues such as climate change? These are also topics where the throne speech pays attention to, how we with the society together large issues to tackle.”

One of the big issues is the pension reform. That is the pension system future-proof. The government had hoped that with the end of September. But the negotiations with the employers and the employees are tough. Rutte will remain “moderately positive.”


He finds that the cabinet is sufficient to take measures to buffers to build for economic bad times. He then points at the attempt of the pension system reform, the reduction of the gas extraction in Groningen and the reform of the labour market.

Several recent studies have shown that few people have confidence in the government. Rutte thinks that trust to regain it. To “ensure that the reduction will be. We have majorities in both Chambers, I trust there really,” he said with a reference to the minimal majority of the government parties in Second and First Chamber. That last threatens the coalition in the spring of even to lose, so they the assistance of all opposition parties designated.

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