Russian plane ‘tragic but accidental’ shot

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The Russian army holds Israel responsible for an incident in which fifteen soldiers were killed. President Putin strikes a rather conciliatory tone.

Monday is a Russian reconnaissance aircraft with fifteen soldiers on board above the Mediterranean Sea shot down. The plane was accidentally by a Syrian rocket hit. It reports the Russian army.

After the crash started a game vingerwijzen. Russia holds Israel responsible for the incident. Israel was at that time, namely bombardments on the coastal city of Latakia, where the Russian plane disappeared. The Syrian anti-aircraft guns responded to the presence of four Israeli warplanes, but hit then the Russian plane, which according to the Russian government in the line of fire was ‘forced’.

The Russian army said initially about “an intentional provocation” and emphasized the right to have ‘to respond appropriately’. A moment later, hushing president Putin. He talked about ‘is a series of accidental but tragic circumstances’.

Putin refused to the incident to compare with the crash of the Russian fighter aircraft in november 2015 by the Turkish army, was shot down. That incident led at the time to a severe diplomatic crisis.

The Israeli military initially remained silent but pointed to the Russian allegations, then of the hand. Israel places the responsibility for the downing of the aircraft by the Syrian government of Assad. According to the military leadership, the anti-aircraft guns of the Syrian government were inaccurate.

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