Poland wants ‘Fortress Trump’ bringing

529e770b0f98433f77f8ccf6d5e7aeb7 - Poland wants 'Fortress Trump' bringing

WARSAW – Us president Donald Trump says his country is considering the permanent military forces stationed in Poland. He made that statement during a visit by his Polish colleague Andrzej Duda, who said that his country was willing to pay at the arrival of such a basis. That will then in addition the name Fort Trump.

Duda and Trump in Washington.

Trump responded interested on the proposal. He suggested that the Polish government is prepared more than 2 billion dollars (over 1.7 billion euro) to contribute to the construction costs. ,,If they want to do, then that is certainly something we will talk”, said the American president.

Trump said like to see that rich countries contribute financially to the presence of American troops. There would be with ,,a number of countries,” about to be talked, though he called that name. Poland is eager to have an American base, because the country is suspicious is the opposite of Russia.

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