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‘Of course, Bert and Ernie a couple’

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In an exclusive interview with the writer of Bert and Ernie revealed that the two iconic characters from sesame street are indeed more than very good friends. “I remember from a column of the San Francisco Chronicle that a toddler, his mom had asked, or Bert and Ernie were in love.’

Few other children will ever have the question asked, but who is a bit older it was, it was still difficult to ignore the fact that Bert and Ernie are, however, often as a married couple behaved. Of course it is not unseen to have two best friends, so to see it worn, but writer Mark Salzman has in an exclusive interview with LGBT magazine, Queerty, it is revealed that Bert and Ernie are not only a couple were for him, but that his friends often to his friend and him are referred to as ‘Bert and Ernie’.

In ‘sesame street’ was never explicit, but in the head of writer Mark Salzman were Bert and Ernie actually a couple. “I didn’t know how I cause them to be written should have as a loving couple’, he tells Queerty. “I was already together with my husband Arnold – Arnie – Glassman when I went to ‘sesame street’ came.’

“More than a person referred to us as ‘Bert and Ernie’. Arnie was filmredacteur, if you think about Bert, you can then find a more appropriate job come up with? With his paper clips and organization? And I was the prankster. Arnolds obsessive-compulsive disorder caused in us also for friction with my chaotic nature. And that is the exact dynamic between Bert and Ernie.’

“I still remember that time in a column of the San Francisco Chronicle was a toddler his mother had asked if Bert and Ernie were in love. That the question of a toddler came out, it was fun. That column is going about doing good, everyone has a giggle and went back to work. And I always had the feeling while I wrote, that it was, without that I have an agenda. I could not otherwise see.”

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