NPO let schnabbelaar Jaspers dangle

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Jaspers, who is under contract at Kro-Ncrv, let themselves hire by started an animal feed company For Farmers for a campaign and different dagvoorzitterschappen. The Commissariat for the Media has an investigation into the matter. Also, there are Questions in parliament tabled by GroenLinks.

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Journalistenvakbond NVJ suggested Monday that KRO-NCRV, with the permit of the position, the credibility of the public broadcaster on the game. Nevertheless, see the NPO no reason to intervene since Kro-Ncrv itself would go on the ’positions’ of the presenters.


“For NPO the priority programs of the public broadcaster is independent must be made and in no way should be influenced by commercial interests,” says a spokesman. “We wait, in this case, the research of the Commissariat for the Media.”

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Although the broadcasters, in principle, operate independently, it is not unusual that the NPO meddling with issues that the image of the public broadcaster claims.

So she would earlier this year, the NOS have banned millions of to put down for the Champions League. The NPO tried at that time, the politics to convince to make extra money from it and could be the mark of a big spender than also just not use.

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